With an ardent goal to make traveling a sublime experience EXOTICA forays into the realm of comfortable and luxurious seating for your vechile. The company evolved in 201 3 striding into a pre existing challenging arena of car upholstery. "Breaking free from the traditional line, EXOTICA has elevated itself to the pedestal" "of high standards, with craftsmanship and Accentuate the ergonomic of the seating" dynamism. We offer an exquisite range of leather and customised seating solution for automotive and furniture that captivating and in Vogue.

Everything changes "countries, cities, homes, aspirations & life styles. Evolving with" "times, being able to design & develop products, keeping in mind the everlasting" "values of quality, dusability & beauty that is appreciated by our discerning" clients will always remain our endeavor.

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We set new standards and vigorously tail to break them establishing a newer benchmark. All our variants are individually tailored for a snug fit, ensuring 100% protection and durability on the move. All this and much more have Exotica products outrank the rest in market.

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